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International college takes part in the 37th sports meeting of capital medical university

On May 6, south to the capital university of medical sciences, playground, spirited GuoQiBan, youth lively flowers, tall and handsome rocket's unit and parade from 39 colleges with the pace of the uniform for the 37th games to the capital university of medical sciences, pulled open the prelude to the blood!

International department square 28 students in costumes, holding a national flag, wearing garlands, with the pace of the youth to the sports arena, they are enthusiastic, loud and clear slogans, "I love first medical, I love Beijing" ring, win stage and the audience cheers and applause!

"Bang... The first shot at the track rang out, the drum beat, and a shout rang out as the men's 100m heat began. Lee silks and ali international college students, a good beginning to the final, the men in the 400 final 4 * 100 relay team, women's, men's 100 m final, the men's 200 m final, the women's 200 m final, 4 * 400 relay, international college good news, Anthony, Sweden, capa is their tenacious fight out of the proud achievement, show the youth elegant demeanor.
Not only is on the track of sweating impress the audience cheers, and tian to vacate leap high jump athletes in the ring and the long jump athletes, as well as to throw the shot put athletes also won the audience intermittently cheer. The students of our school, ruilong, ruibi and neweta, have achieved good results and won recognition in the finals of men's high jump, men's shot put and women's high jump.

At the end of a short and long day, we came to the final award moment, and our school won "the third place in the school team" and "the third place in the men's team". A heavy trophy is the weight of honor and the reward of all your efforts. The purpose of the games is not only to rank, but also to show the athletes on the field of wanton youth and the spirit of striving beyond themselves. Thank you for every international player's hard work in the current sports meeting, thank you for the leadership of the school and all the teachers of the school office, and look forward to our great achievement next year!