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Our school held the closing ceremony of Korean exchange students

On June 15th, at 3:00 PM, the completion ceremony of Korea exchange student of our school in 2018 was grandly held in conference room 712 of the liberal arts building. Dean of liberal arts lian-jun xu, HengYanLin, vice President of the institute of international education, the faculty of arts Chinese professional teachers, Liu Jinqin, Lou 'red dawn international exchanges and cooperation and Fang Zhilin, talk about Rao, wang ying, ke li and other leaders and teachers present. The ceremony was presided over by the head of the international student management division, wu liansong.

South Korea exchange student wang ying the head teacher of class teacher first to 13 South Korea exchange year made a summary of study and life. She gets along with students reviewed the dribs and drabs, for the achievements of students a year. The teacher, lu hongyan, was moved by the exchange students' strong thirst for knowledge. The student representative sent flowers and wishes to the teachers.

Vice President heng yanlin read out the documents to recognize the three outstanding exchange students. Sun yuecan, Ann meisong and jin zhihao won the title of "outstanding exchange students". She wants all the students to keep in mind that grew up long "new" school motto, cherish the honor, avoid arrogance, make persistent efforts, in the future study and work to make greater progress, make greater contribution to China and South Korea international exchange. Sun yuecan, the outstanding exchange student, delivered his acceptance speech in fluent Chinese, expressing his love for changjiang university. The excellent student representatives also presented their well-prepared gifts and CARDS to the teachers, which made the teachers very moved.
Professor xu lianjun congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies. Him from the view of scholars, china-south Korea cultural exchange's achievements are reviewed and its huge impact, he points out that school college worked closely with South Korea, more than ten years, the two sides exchange students, promote the development of the people-to-people and cultural exchanges to China and South Korea.
The leaders also jointly awarded 13 exchange students the certificate of graduation and the graduation souvenir of Yangtze university in 2018 and took photos of them.