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GMU Holds the Third CSBMBESIDC

GMU team won the first prize with excellent performance in the Ninth National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Contest (NMCSCSC) finals, which was a milestone for GMU, and even medical colleges and universities in Jiangxi province in the contest. Therefore, on the morning of June 9, GMU held a grand ceremony to award the winners and teachers of the Ninth National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Contest. The ceremony called on all teachers and students to learn from the advanced, achieve great dreams with efforts, and achieve new victories and glory with struggle.

    GMU leaders Li Gongjin, Liu Qian, Chen Liang, Huang Ruizhong and Ye Junming attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winners and teachers. Vice president Ye Junming presided over the ceremony. More than 400 people, including GMU party and administration department personnel, participating team leaders, competitors, teachers from clinical skill training center and all schools and students participated in the ceremony.

    The ceremony was divided into two parts, namely, the report of the contest, the on-site display of the simulated clinical skills operation and award-presenting.Ye jun, vice president of FAHGMU, reported on the participation in the Ninth National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Competition.Besides, the video was shown on the spot to present the performance of GMU teams in the Ninth National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Contest.

    In the awarding part, GMU president Liu Qian read out the awarding announcement. The winners, Fu Shanpan, Rao Lei, Pei Fengjiao, Wang Junwei and tutoring teachers Song Chunhua, Bing Yajuan, Chen Lujun, Xie Ruiyun in Ninth National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Contest would be awarded 200,000 yuan.

    Contestants’ representative, Fu Shanpan of batch 2013 clinical medical specialty oriented undergraduate class 1, and teachers’ team leader Song Chunhua made speeches, expressing thanks to GMU for making careful deployment. In addition, they said they would continue to carry forward team spirits and work enthusiasm in study and work in the future, hoping that students could learn hard, raise more questions, and have much more brilliant achievements.

    Li Gongjin, secretary of GMU party committee of CPC, on behalf of the GMU's party and administration department, teachers and students, extended warm congratulations to the 4 students who won the prize in his speech, and paid high tribute to the teachers who had worked hard for this contest.
    Li Gongjin stressed that GMU's history had proved that success did not come easily and that everything in the world required struggle. History had always cast aside the lazy, the slacker, and the passive ones on the journey, while inscribed those who were determined, striving and fighting on the monument.


    Li Gongjin shared three sentences with all present with great concern. Firstly, it was an era in which strivers are needed. Secondly, happiness was obtained through struggle. Thirdly, the strivers should be pioneers.

    Li Gongjin also pointed out that history was created by the brave, and era was written by the strivers. Medical education shouldered the important mission of cultivating high-quality medical and health talents, which was related to people's livelihood of education and health. We had a long way to go and shouldered a glorious mission. Only by struggle could we heal the wounds of the past. Only through struggle, could we find hope and light. We must bear in mind the teachings of our national leaders and strive to write the magnificent chapters of a new era.

    Moreover, Li Gongjin emphasized that it was impossible for GMU to break barriers and catch up with the trend without pioneer spirits of teachers and students. To achieve this goal, he put forward four requirements for them. The first one was to dare to think. Daring to think would give one a goal of life, so he/she would not be lost. Secondly, dare to do. Thirdly, dare to strive. Fourthly, dare to struggle.
    It’s known that GMU annually carry out clinical teachers teaching ability training, clinical skills and teachers' teaching skills competition for its 11 affiliated hospitals, in an effort to strengthen the clinical teaching base construction with hospitals as driving force, promote the ability of clinical teachers, improve the soft and hard platform for GMU practice teaching, strengthen the quality control of practice teaching, and ensure the training of clinical ability of medical students. Over past years, GMU has won the first prizes twice and the second prize three times in the National Medical College Students Clinical Skills Contest in eastern China division. And one first prize, two second prizes, and two third prizes in the national finals.