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SIE Hold the First Webinar in 2021 on International Students Admission with Faith Academy Philippines

On February 5th,2021, at 4 p.m. Beijing local time the School of International Education (SIE) conducted the 2021 Webinar conference on XZMU-where your medical dream comes trueto teacher and students from the international high school Faith Academy Philippines.


The keynote speaker was Teacher Susan Xu of the students admission office, and Teacher Mingyu He of the teaching affairs office of SIE. Admission volunteer team members, Ph.D. students Bilal Muhammad and Maxwell Duah special assistance to the admission office of SIE also joined the conference.


This meeting covered approximately 2 hours of work and was split into several major topic areas. First of all, the conference focused on the regional and general introduction of Xuzhou Medical University, introduced by Susan Xu. Secondly, Mingyu He from the Teaching Affairs Office offered basic information on international undergraduateseducation of SIE. The third part provided details of different study programs of Xuzhou Medical University, including fee structures and scholarships, studentsliving conditions, and admission procedures, etc. Finally, the webinar showed studentscolorful campus life and after graduation stories.


At the end, Ms. Alyson Botha from the high school guidance counselor & HSD Current Affairs at Faith Academy, Manila, Philippines shared the basic information of her school and participated in the question-answer section.