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Program Officer for Fulbright Programs Ms. Victoria Augustine Visited LZU

On March 15th, Ms. Victoria Augustine, Program Officer for East Asia and Pacific Fulbright Programs in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State and Mr. Ma Zhigang, Cultural Affairs Specialist, American Centre for Educational Exchange, U.S. Embassy Beijing visited our university. Vice President Prof. Jing Tao met with the guests at Guiqin Building. Professors and heads of the International Office, School of Economics, School of Management, School of Politics and Administration and the School of Foreign Languages and Literature attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Vice President Jing expressed welcome over the visit by Ms. Augustine and Mr. Ma on behalf of Lanzhou University. He also expressed gratitude to Fulbright Project for its support to LZU cooperation and exchange with America ever since 1988. Ms. Victoria Augustine elaborated on the four core programs of Fulbright Project, hoping the two sides would have more work on the project so as to benefit more Chinese and American teachers and students.

After the meeting, Ms. Augustine and Mr. Ma visited the School of Management, Tsing Ying Building and the Guest House of the university.