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Life of Students in Ningxia Medical University

Places to Visit

Yinchuan City (also called 'Phoenix City') is the capital of the region situated in the remote northwest of China. The 1000-year-old city is a famous cultural city beyond the Great Wall . The old sector of Yinchuan City to the west is green and peaceful, and contains all the places of interest. It includes the 1500-year-old Haibao Pagoda ; the famous Buddhist architecture from the West Xia Kingdom Chengtiansi Pagoda ; and the West Xia Imperial Tombs known as the 'Pyramids of China'. One can also find there the mystic Helan Mountain Cliff Painting, created by the ancient nomads who dwelled in the regions of the Helan Mountains in northwest Ningxia. They used a bold and descriptive chiseling and drawing technique, to which they added dazzling colors, to depict the history of a splendid Chinese civilization.

 Ningxia City Center

Yanshui Pavilion: It locates at the offshore of Gantang Lake. Yanshui Pavilion Contains Ningxia’s museum and has a number of interesting pictures from Ningxia’s days as a treaty port.

Gantang Park: The main gate is on Lushan Road; it contains a funfair and a zoo plus some scenic spots looking out across the lake