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Ningxia Medical University Being Listed in The Medical University Directories

NXMU Administration received official letters from WHO and FAIMER regarding NXMU listing in the medical schools directories. The letters explain the new database being created in cooperation with the aforementioned organizations, which will include NINGXIA MEDICAL UNIVERSITY as a medical school recognized by the China Medical Council. Therefore we would like to assure all current and prospective students that NXMU obtained all required permits to makes our students eligible to take United States Medical Licensing Examination, to allow the graduates to participate in the medical residency training programs and to apply for residency in the United States.

The WHO Department of Human Resources for Health (HRH) has undertaken discussions and preliminary agreement with the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, concerning the establishment of a Global database of health professions educational institutions that will replace the current World Directory of Medical Schools. WHO has been planning to replace the World Directory of Medical School to include other academic health institutions (schools of dentistry, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, public health, and rehabilitation specialist).

The University of Copenhagen, will start (2007) with the provision of information through this new Database. The Database will include information related to schools' accreditation, number of admissions, students, graduates, Faculty, educational resources, address, national official recognition.

An announcement will be published on the WHO/HRH website to the effect that from now on the World Directory of Medical Schools has been changed to a database and that the University of Copenhagen will run it in collaboration with WHO, the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), International Pharmaceutical Federation and other partners. A link to the website of the database will be provided.

WHO will continue collecting and analyzing relevant statistical information on health professions education and institutions based on specific needs using all data sources and making information available through the Global Health Workforce Atlas. Countries and schools interested to include their institutions in the database will provide their information to the University of Copenhagen.

In the meantime, readers are reminded that WHO has no authority to grant any form of recognition or accreditation to schools of medicine or other training institutions. Such a procedure remains the exclusive prerogative of the national government concerned