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Our school held the first graduation ceremony for foreign students
On the afternoon of January 16th, the graduation ceremony of the first foreign students of our school was held in room 101, international building. Leaders, teachers and all international students of education attended the graduation ceremony. The proceedings will be held in English.
Xie hua, dean of international education college, addressed the ceremony. She first extended warm congratulations to the first 10 foreign students majoring in aircraft design and engineering of our university who graduated with a bachelor's degree. She then comprehensive analysis of China's rapid rise, the important role in the international arena to attract international students and a good situation of the students in our country, points out that they choose to study in China, to study abroad is the right thing to do in our school. She hopes that when these graduates return to China, they will use their knowledge to serve their country and contribute to the friendship, understanding and cultural exchanges between the two countries. She also hopes that graduates will not forget their Alma mater and visit it more often in the future.
The representative of the graduates spoke at the ceremony. He reviewed his study and life in school for four years, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the teachers of his Alma mater for their cultivation in the past four years and to the school leaders, teachers and staff who cared about their growth. He said they will use what they have learned to give back to their country and be ambassadors of friendship and cultural exchanges. He also hopes that students at school must seize the rare learning opportunities in China, study hard and have a strong advantage in learning. In the end, he wished his Alma mater thriving and prosperous.
The leaders who attended the ceremony later awarded them diplomas and degrees.
At the graduation ceremony, jiangxi was also awarded the 2012 scholarship to study in China. In 2012, a total of 15 foreign students in our university won jiangxi scholarship to study in China. Among them, there are 1 full scholarship student, 3 first-class scholarship and 11 second-class scholarship.