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Our student parker won the first prize in the provincial first foreign student Chinese contest

On October 17, the final of jiangxi province first foreign student Chinese contest was held in jiangxi normal university. The event was jointly hosted by jiangxi provincial education department, jiangxi provincial foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs office and jiangxi radio and television station. Parker, a Cambodian student from education international college of our university, won the first prize in the first round of the preliminary contest by beating many masters and entering the second round of the competition.

A total of 22 contestants from 13 colleges and universities participated in the finals, with 5 winners of the third prize, 3 winners of the second prize and 2 winners of the first prize. The final includes three sessions, a melodrama performance, a cultural college, and a 90-second canvassing speech. International students are required to be fluent in Chinese, have extensive knowledge of Chinese culture, and be nimble on the stage. With good language skills and excellent performance on stage, parker, a national scholarship student in our university, won the audience and the judges with his own strength. It has won the honor for our school, fully demonstrated the elegant demeanor of our school's overseas students, and expanded the reputation and influence of our school's overseas students in jiangxi and even the whole country.