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Our school students to participate in the production of animation of the animation series in CCTV broadcasts

Recently, JiangXiDi card by media Co., LTD, the creation of China's first anti-terrorism inspiring the animation in our province, first original animation series called the flute carter police force ", already in 2012 January 4, to January 29, at 9 o 'clock in the morning in children's channel of CCTV premiere, the play in the first quarter of sets, two sets broadcast every day. The broadcast of the breakthrough in the original design and production, without animation history, for cultural and creative industries in our province added a gorgeous a pen. Our school art and design institute, the king Man level 08 闫晓龙 16 professional students as a show of animation staff involved in the creation of the cartoon design production, at the same time, nanchang aviation university, as the acknowledgment support units, and enhance the professional school in the national animation of the popularity of animation industry.