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Postgraduate-educating Base Built by the Graduate School of "the Two Academies" and Henan University

On March 15th, 2011, Henan University held "the Ceremony of Signing the Agreement to Build Postgraduate-educating Base and of Supervisor Appointment" with the Graduate School of China Academy of Sciences and the Graduate School of China Academy of Social Sciences ("the Two Academies" for short) respectively in Beijing. They unveiled the Postgraduate-educating Base. On the ceremony, 143 experts and scholars from "the Two Academies" and other units were appointed as research supervisors of Henan University.

According to the agreement, both parties should cooperate in postgraduate education and management with shared resources in order to do well in educating postgraduates.

Henan University will recommend excellent undergraduates, postgraduates and young teachers to study for Master's degree or Doctoral degree or as Senior Visiting Scholars to "the Two Academies"; Henan University also receives the students recommended by "the Two Academies" to study for the Master's degree or doctoral degree.

Besides, the agreement still stipulates that Henan University and "the Two Academies" shall share the degrees and postgraduate-educating resources, open relevant network systems, document resources and laboratories to each other, and select and send postgraduates to take part in the summer and winter academic seminars for postgraduates, campus academic cultural activities and social activities.