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Henan University is Authorized to Have 7 Primary Discipline PhD Programs and 10 Primary Discipline Master's Degree Programs

The State Council has issued the added list of universities authorized to have primary disciplines in 2010. Henan University is authorized to have another 7 primary discipline PhD programs and 10 primary discipline Master's degree programs.

The authorized primary discipline PhD programs include Applied Economics, Education Studies, Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Language and Literature, History, Chemistry, Biology; the primary discipline Master's degree programs consist of Law, Art Theory, Electronic Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Civil and Building Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Basic Medical Science, Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy.

With the authorization of these primary disciplines, Henan University now has 8 primary discipline PhD programs, 73 PhD programs, 33 primary discipline Master's degree programs, 208 sub-discipline Master's degree programs and 18 professional Master's degree programs. Therefore, both the system of academic degree programs and the structure of disciplines have been improved.