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School Of Nursing

Henan University School of Nursing was established in March of 2001.  The School of Nursing is a young, vibrant, and energetic institution, whose origin could be traced back to the China Inland Mission Gospel Hospital Nursing School established in 1929.  Today, Henan University School of Nursing is a standing executive institution of the Chinese Higher Medical Education Society and a committee institution of the Sino Higher Education Alliance, as well as one of the professional nursing graduate degree conferrers in China.

The Nursing School has a dedicated and efficient team of faculty and staff with a strong basis in professional knowledge.  Currently, the School of Nursing has about 80 full and part time faculty members, with professors and associate professors constituting 48% of the faculty force.  60% of our faculty members have doctoral and master’s degrees.  The Nursing School place a strong emphasis in scientific research, with establishments of specialty research areas such as nursing education, clinical nursing, community nursing, psychological nursing.  In recent years, the Nursing School has published hundreds of scholarly papers and more than 20 nursing textbooks as either the main or participating authors.

The Nursing School established various offices to serve our faculty and students, such as the Party Administration Office, Youth League Committee Office, Teaching Affairs Office, Research Affairs Office, and the Continuing Education Office.  We have various Teaching & Research Divisions to deliver strong nursing education in areas like the Nursing Basics, Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgery Nursing, Humanities Education, and Public Health.  To provide hands-on experience for our future nurses, the School of Nursing established state of the art Nursing Education Laboratories and Public Health Institute.  Corresponding to each of our Teaching and Research Divisions, we provided the respective Nursing Training Laboratories, Hospital Ward Models, Nursing Etiquette Training Centers.  Our AIDS Nursing Training Center is the only “Central and Provincial Government Sponsored Advanced Specialty Laboratory Training Site” in Henan Province, with lab space of 3000 square meters and 712 pieces of various instruments and equipments.

The School of Nursing place strong emphasis in the educational advancement of virtue, intellect, body, and aesthetics for our students, training them to be internationally oriented professionals equipped with modern nursing knowledge and good hands-on skills.  We demand our students to be more than capable in performing clinical nursing, nursing management, and nursing education upon graduation.  The Henan University School of Nursing has already produced tens of thousands of nursing talents and contributed abundantly in clinical medicine, nursing care, and nursing education for China and especially for the Central Plains area.  Our Nursing School alumna, Mrs. Fu-Rong Sun, was the former Head of the Henan People’s Hospital Nursing Division.  In 1997 she was honored to receive the “Nightingale Award” from the International Red Cross Committee and received a personal interview with the former Chinese President, Mr. Jiang Ze-Min.  The Nursing School has always placed our main emphasis in establishing disciplines and elevating educational quality by building up a professional team of faculty and staff.  Innovation is our great driving force; efficient management and proper organization are our secure platform.  The people of the Henan University School of Nursing carefully act on the school motto of “thinking discretely, performing steadily, studying broadly, and helping all we can”.  We have set high goals and are striving to make our School of Nursing to be a first-class training site in China, consistently producing high level nursing talents able to perform on an international stage.

Training of High Level Talents(人才培养)

Graduate Training

In 2006 the School of Nursing started some pioneering work in the area of graduate nursing education in Henan Province.  We have began to train graduate nursing students in two disciplines, (1) Nursing and (2) Societal Medicine & Health Career Management; with seven focus areas: (1) Nursing Education (2) Psychology Nursing (3) Nursing Management (4) Clinical Nursing (5) Community Nursing (6) Nursing Ethics and (7) Societal Medicine & Health Career Management.  Currently, the School of Nursing has admitted 31 master’s degree students, with 23 graduate faculty members (11 professors and 12 associate professors).  Furthermore, the School of Nursing has hired nationally and internationally renowned specialists as Henan University part-time professors.  These renowned professors periodically give lectures to our students and actively organize scholarly discussions and exchange to foster excellent scholarly atmosphere for our graduate students.

Undergraduate Training

The School of Nursing has admitted high level students for baccalaureate training in a four year program, conferring bachelor’s degree in medicine upon graduation.  Apart from that, the third level bachelor’s degree admission of Henan University has a two year nursing program for the advancement of associate to bachelor’s degree.  The students in that program are trained in Minsheng College of Henan University.  The four year bachelor’s nursing program has two specialties, clinical nursing and English nursing.  The goal of the English nursing specialty is to produce internationally oriented nursing students able to work in developed countries such as in Europe and USA.  Most of the Nursing School graduates have been hired by large comprehensive hospitals and medical schools both within and outside of Henan province, achieving 100% job placements.

International Nursing Programs(合作办学)

Understanding the high demand of skilled nursing workforce internationally, Henan University School of Nursing actively participate in global cooperation and exchange in order to produce internationally oriented nursing talents.  Willing to build a truly open and international program, the nursing school has strategically achieved the compatibility of Chinese nursing program with global education, making international cooperation a specialty of our Nursing School.  To this day, we have had friendly working relationships with universities in Singapore, the USA, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, sending many teachers abroad for further training.  In 2003 the School of Nursing was honored to start the “Nursing Full Scholarship” program, a joint venture in Chinese higher education between the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Singapore Ministry of Health.  Up until 2009, there has been a total of 197 students able to receive this scholarship for nursing studies and work in Singapore.  This project has contributed strongly to the advancement of international healthcare and enjoyed high respect in China and abroad.

Establishing Practicum Training Sites (实验基地建设)

The School of Nursing has set a goal of “occupying high level nursing career in Henan province”, and establishing practicum training sites for our students is an important venue to achieve our job placement goal.  Right now we have about 20 third-level-A-class hospitals as practicum training sites in large cities of Henan Province, as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.  This provided broad venues for the studies and career of our students.