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School Of Mathematics And Information Science

The College of Mathematics and Information Science was established in 1923, originally under the name Department of Mathematics and Physics of Zhongzhou University. Afterwards it was renamed Department of Arithmetics, then Department of Mathematics. Many well-known mathematicians and educators, such as [including] Ji-Yu Huang, Jun-Zuo Chen, Ying-Chuan Fan, Dun-Ci Huang, Meng-Mo Du, Ya-Xing Liu, etc. [delete this] have worked here. [In 2002, in order to meet the demand of interdisciplinary development for its programs and faculty, the department changed its name to College of Mathematics and Information Science.] adapting to the demands of disciplinary construction and the cultivation of young talents.[delete this]
At present, the college has a staff [faculty] of 91, among which 71 are full-time teachers, 41 are full or associate professors, 37 have doctorates, with [including] 1 Special-Term Professor of Henan Province, 2 Special-Term Professors of Henan University, 3 doctoral supervisors, 38 master tutors, 7 “New Century Academic Foregoers of Henan Province” candidates, 6 “Henan Provincial Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists” gainer [recipients].

Currently, there are more than 1300 undergraduate and 100 postgraduate students studying here. The college’s undergraduate program includes two divisions: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics(Financial Mathematics included),Information and Computing Science; and consists of four subordinate teaching units:  Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics,Department  of Information and Computing Science, Department of Public [Common] Mathematics Teaching [Instruction], Continuing Education Center. The college accommodates four research institutes: Institute of Modern [Contemporary] Mathematics, Institute of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Teaching Methods, Institute of Nonlinear Science, and the Mathematics Modeling Laboratory co-constructed [co-sponsored] by Henan Province and the Ministry of Education.
Since 2002, more than 10 international and domestic academic conferences have been organized and hosted by the college; over 110 papers are indexed by SCI or EI; 12 academic books and 1 translated work were published; 25 programs [projects] were granted [funded] by “Natural Science Foundation of China”; research funds total up to 3,100,000 RMB.

With the motto  “consolidating the foundation, broadening the horizon, emphasizing the practice, stressing on ability training and highlighting originality[encouraging creativity]”, the faculty devote to teaching and instructing [training the] students in accordance with their aptitude, implementing further reform in education and teaching activities. A large number of talented graduates with good morality, solid professional knowledge, excellent practical ability and great originality have been cultivated[produced]. In the past three years, more than 200 students won the prizes of National Mathematics Modeling Competition and National Mathematics Competition in [at] both national and province [provincial] level[s]. [About] 40% of the graduates continued to study for a [their] master’s degree[s]. [and] 95% of the students got a decent position [landed on decent positions] after they graduated [graduation] and most [many] of them are highly regarded by their employers.

A Brief Introduction to the Outstanding Faculty

Professor Ke Wu, the dean of the college and a doctoral supervisor, is expertised in mathematical physics and theoretical physics, and has published over one hundred   papers in prestigious academic journals. Professor Wu has finished [carried out] several “National Natural Science Foundation of China” programs [projects] and is the [a] winner of National Prize for Natural Sciences, Prize for Science & Technology Progress of Ministry of Education and the Natural Science Prize granted [awarded] by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Deng-Feng Li, Special-Term Professor of Henan University, has concentrated on the research of harmonic analysis and wavelets analysis. Dr. Li has published two academic books and 46 papers in mathematics journals at home and abroad, among which 12 have been indexed by SCI、EI.  The research programs [projects] directed by Dr. Li includes [are funded by] “National Natural Science Foundation of China” (1 program [project]), “Henan Provincial Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists” (1 program [projects]), “Natural Science Foundation of Henan” (3 programs [projects]).

Dr. Zhu-Jun Zheng, Special-Term Professor of Henan University, whose research area is in mathematical physics and partial differential equations, has published over 20 mathematical papers and 1 academic book, and has finished [carried out] two “Natural Science Foundation of China” programs [projects] plus [and] one “Henan Provincial Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists” program [project].

The distinguished [faculty] teaching group, represented by [consisting of] Professors Jin-Ping Song, Zhi-Ping Zhang, Shou-Xin Chen and Xue-Zhi Yang have long been dedicated to the undergraduate courses [delete this] teaching and formed particular [specialized] yet standard [standardized] teaching styles of their own.  They performed brilliantly in the first Teaching Contest of Henan University and have [delete this] won the Special-Class Prize and First-Class Prize respectively[delete this].