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School Of Journalism And Communication

Henan University School of Journalism and Communication is the first school which trains specialized personnel of journalism and communication in Henan province. We have national journalism and communication experimental teaching centre, editing and publishing science institute, media institute, documentary research centre and other research institute. Journalism and Communication is a key discipline in Henan province and Editing and Publishing is a characteristic major. Our school is the chairman unit of editing and publishing higher education research of China.

Our school has Journalism and Communication first level discipline master degree authorization, enrolling academic master: Editing Theory and Practice, Publishing Industry, Journalism Theory and Practice, Radio and Television Journalism, Advertising Theory and Practice, Communication Theory and Practice, Media Management and Administration, in addition, we enroll professional master: Broadcasting and Hosting, Radio and Television Editing and Directing, Journalism and Communication, Publishing Science. Our school exist 6 four-year undergraduate majors: Journalism, Editing and Publishing Science, Radio and Television Journalism, Advertising, Broadcasting and Hosting, Radio and Television Editing and Directing. At present school have 75 faculties, including 36 professors and associate professors.

Editing and Publishing Science is a key support discipline of Henan university, it enrolled the first Editing and Publishing master in 1986, enjoying a high reputation at home and abroad academic circles, forming a domestic influential “Central School”. Only our school has national journalism and communication experimental teaching centre in Henan province, we have the best teaching and research equipment and facility, our school also has rich newspaper material, audio-visual material and books.

1. Professor Wang ZhenDuo, master instructor, is a famous expert of Editing and Publishing Science and engages in research and teaching work of Editing and Publishing Science. At present he holds the position of vice-chairman of China Redactological Society, Guest researcher of Chinese Institute of Publishing Science, committee member of textbook reading and editing of General Administration of Press and Publication, and committee member of national publishing major Professional Qualification Test Textbook Approval Committee. Professor Wang has completed 4 National and Provincial research projects, written a few monographs such as Theory of Editing Principles, Editing Theory and Media Innovation, and published more than one hundred academic papers on China Publishing Journal, Chinese Editors Journal, Editorial Friend, and other academic journals.

2.Professor Li Jianwei, incumbent Dean of School of Journalism and Communication of  Henan University、master instructor in leadership of journalism studies、Vice Director of Education Committee of China Editing Institute、President of Association of National Editing and Publishing Research of Higher Education、Standing Director of History of Chinese Journalism Association.
Professor Li Jianwei has been long engaging in teaching and researching in journalism、editing and publishing field publishing more than 30 dissertations in national core journals of Journalism and Communication Studies、Editing Journal、China Publishing; Monographs include A flying New Star—key cases of periodical planning、Publishing Records of Henan University、Basis of Business of Copyright etc.Professor Li presided over lots of key scientific and research projects of Ministry of Education and Provincial Social Science.

3. Professor Yang HaiJun, the vice-president of Henan University School of Journalism and Communication, lead master instructor in mass communication, deputy director of Henan University Media Institute, vice-chairman of China Advertising Education Research Association, member of Academic Committee of China Advertising Association, and standing director of the Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Mass Communication. In recently years, professor Yang has published nearly 50 academic papers on Journalism & Communication, Modern Advertising, Journal of Advertising Study, written 5 monographs such as The History of Ancient Chinese Commercial Advertising, The History of China and Foreign Advertising, he also presides a few National Society Science Fund projects and Provincial Society Science Planning projects.

4.Professor Song Yingli, master instructor, was the Director of Editing Department of Henan University Journal、Chief of Henan University Press、Editorial Board Member of General History of China Publishing, a national key project. Professor Song has been engaging in editing study and research work since 1985 and is one of the earliest scholars in contempory editing studies, teaching classes of History of China Journals、Theory of Book Editing etc, publishing works of Brief History of China University Journals、Known journal author and person、History of China Journal Development、Historial Data of Contemporary China Publishing、Compile of Research Materials of Famous Chinese Editing and Publishing Professionals、60-year Personal Experiences of New China Publishing. Professor Song published more than 70 dissertations.

5. Professor Zhang RuFa, master instructor, he has been engaged in editing work of Journal of Henan University since 1973 and once served as the director of editing lab. In the area of editing teaching and research, he has written 2 monographs: Editor’s Choice and Construction, and Editing Sociology (won the national outstanding publication award), published dozens academic papers such as Choice: Editor’s Historic Mission and Social Responsibility (won the national outstanding papers award), Construction: Editor’s Culturology Meaning, Perfection: Essential Meaning of Editing.

6.Professor Zhang Yulin, master instructor,  was the Vice President of Literature and Art Association of Literature Society of Henan Province,  Vice President and Secretary General of Aesthetics Society of Henan Province. Honorary President of Music and Literature Association of China Music Society of Henan Branch, Director of Teaching and Research office of Literature and Arts Theory of Henan University Chinese Department, editing  courses for higher education;  such as Introduction to Literary Theory、Brief Introduction to Literature, collaborating works such as Practical Oral Skill. Professor Zhang published more than 30 dissertations in aesthetics、literature and arts studies and is one of the founders of Radio and Televison major (Arts of Broadcasting and Hosting at present).

7. Professor Zhang JuXi, Dr. Journalism, Henan University distinguished professor. At present he holds the position of director of Henan University Media Institute, secretary-general of Henan University Humanities Department. He engages in news theory and practice, international news communication and intercultural communication research. He has published more than two thousand news works on home and abroad media such as Southern Weekly, and more than forty papers on academic journals. Moreover, he has written 8 monographs such as Russia’s Transition, Comparison of China-Russia Journalese, edited 4 textbooks and completed 7 projects such as National Society Science Fund project and Ministry of Education Society Science Fund project.

8.Professor Li Jianshe, master instructor, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1985 and now is the Vice President of Technics Design Association of Henan Province, Vice President of Young Artist Association of Henan Province, presiding over 6 provincial level projects and publishing 11 disserations in core jounals of Decration etc. Professor Li published 3 pieces of work, achieved 5 above provincial level awards and was nominated as the leader in technology and academy field of Education Department of Henan Province in 2004.

9. Professor Zhao JianGuo, master instructor, mainly engages in news theory and communication theory teaching and research. He has published more than one hundred papers so far, among these papers, Cultural Significance of Multimedia was selected and reproduced by GuangMing Daily after published by Modern Media, many papers were reproduced by Newspaper Copy Information of Renmin University. So far he has 3 monographs: Relationship of News, Literature and History, Comparative Studies of Zhao ShuLi and Sun Li, Emotion Quotient and Success.

10.Professor Lu Zhenguang, master instructor, engaging in history and computer appliance studies, publishing monograph Digital Editing Technology and 5 more; more than 20 dissertations include On the Influence of Information Revolution to Chinese History Studies、Genernal Exploration On Online History Materials、Computer Appliance in the field of Historical Studies etc, lots have been reprinted over-all by Copy Material of Renmin University Journal.Professor Lu has already completed 5 scientific and research projects both provincially and  nationally, awarded 3 scientific research achievements of Social Science Association of Henan Pronvince and won the reputation of `Civilized Teacher´ in 1998.

11. Professor Zhang TianDing, master instructor. He has presided and attended some provincial research projects such as “Henan Province Media Industry Survey of Talents Resources”, “Henan Province Intangible Heritage Communication Research”. Professor Zhang long been engaged in teaching and research of Editing and Publishing Science, and often organizes students to some press units participate major practice. So far he has published more than 30 academic papers, published a few monographs such as Writing Psychology, Academic Writing Guide, Book Publishing, completed Provincial Society Science project Henan Province Media Industry Survey of Talents Resources, Henan Province New Period Publishing Research. His monograph Editing and Publishing Science won second prize of Henan Province Society Science outstanding achievement.

12.Professor Han Aiping, professor of School of Journalism and Communication of Henan University、master instructor of journalism studies、Director of Association of Journalism History of China. Professor Song mainly engages in teaching and research work in such fields; history of journalism and communication studies of China、interviewing and News writing、Journalism History of China、editing and writing. Her monographs include
The Author group of Henan University、Collection of Chinese Classical Poetry-mood of depression and other 2. Professor Han collaborated courses for higher education, publishing more than 20 dissertations in Core Jounal of Study on Journalism and Communication、Journalism Lover、Henan University Journal etc. Professor Han won the First Prize of Social Science sponsored by provicial education office; presiding over a number of provincial and school level teaching reformation projects and won Exellent Teaching Awards many times.

13. Wang LiuChun, senior editor, master instructor, he is the researcher of News Editing and Publishing Science Institute, councilman of China Redactological Society, executive director of National University Press Association. He mainly engages in teaching and research of classical Chinese literature, publishing science and Chinese calligraphy, published some monographs such as Calligraphy General Tutorial, Collection of Publishing Science Ideas and more than 20 academic papers.
14.Professor Ma Xiaoquan, master instructor, researcher in news editing and publishing scientific institute. Professor Ma published Series of Classical Canon Culture、Series of Study on Song Dynasty and other big academic series. His monographs and collaborations of academic works  with others The Early Years of Power and livelihood of the people—social perspective、Comparison of Exmine—The Early Modernization Research、 The Modernization Course of China and other 4. Professor Ma published more than 30 academic dissertations.

15. Yuan XiSheng, senior editor, master instructor, researcher of News Editing and Publishing Science Institute. He has been responsible for scheming, editing, review more than one hundred kinds of books, among these books, more than 10 entered national and provincial key topics, 2 won National Book Award. He has published more than 10 papers about editing science and publishing history, undertaken some projects such as National Society Science Fund, China Redactological Society research project.

16.Senor Editor Liu Xiaomin, master instructor, researcher in news editing and publishing scientific institute, planned, organized and presided over the edition and publication of a  number of key books. The books presided over or editted by her have won 19 awards,including Chinese Book Awards and provincial awards. Professor Liu has published more than 20 dissertations and commentaries in both provincial level press or above, among which three awarded, three reprinted many times.

17. Guo ChangYing, senior editor, master instructor, researcher of News Editing and Publishing Science Institute. She has organized and schemed a few topics what obtain academia higher approval, such as “research of late Qing dynasty society history”, “research of woman history”. The modern Chinese history project that she is responsible for is reproduced and copied average more than 10 annually, ranking first in national the same kinds journals. So far she has published more than 20 academic papers and 4 monographs, published papers were reproduced by other journals.

18.Professor Yan Xianzhang, master instructor, long engaging in the teaching and research work of editing and publishing studies、publishing and communication planning studies、history of China editing.Professor Yan published more than 40 dissetations many of which have been reprinted or copied by Xinhua Digest、 China Social Science Digest、 Academic Abstract of Liberal Arts College of Higher Education、Abstract of China Social Science and Copy Material of Renmin University Jounal. Professor Yanis responsible for editing and publishing research projects of "editing history of Ming and Qing Dynasty"、"history of ancient editing of China"of provincial education department and "publishing planning study"a research project of higer education journal also other 6 related research projects.

19.Senior Editor Ji Jianmin, master instructor, researcher in news editing and publishing scientific institute, publishing one monograph Editing Psychology, 4 collaborations, more than 50 academic dissertations,  and nearly 30 of them published in national academic journals or core journals. Professor Ji precided over Social Science Planning Projects of Henan Province、5 projects sponsored by Education Office of Henan Province and other kinds of projects in different levels.

20.rofessor Chen Qinghan, master instructor, Director of Language Association of Henan Province, long engaging in teaching and research work of advertising linguisitcs、Chinese rhetoric、Chinese gramma studies. Professor Chen published more than 30 dissertations in jounals of Chinese Learning、 rhetoric study、Huazhong Normal University Jounal、Henan University Journal etc, publishing 4 teaching materials, presiding over 4 above provincial level social science projects, winning 5 Social Science Best Paper Awards of Henan Province.

21.Professor Guo Qi, Chairman of Journalism Department, master instructor, graduated from Chinese department of Henan University in 1989 with the master degree in literature. Professor Guo’s monographs and published teaching materials include general theory of editing and publishing studies、Mao Zedong and Article Studies、Practical Writing of Secratary、 Public Relation Studies、Secretary Studies、Editing and Publishing Studies、Journalism Paradigm Theory、Image Henan etc. Prefessor Guo published more than 30 academic dissertations, taking part in and presiding over 4 above provincial level research projects, among which Study on Media Talents Training Mode awarded the Second Prize for Social Science Exellence Achievement of Henan Province.

22.Professor Yan Li, master instructor, engaging in newspaper editing、teaching and research work of network journalism, presideding over one "fifteen"social science planning project of national Ministry of Education, two social science planning projects of Education Department of Henan Province, one education reformation project of Henan University, one science research project of Henan University. Professor Yan has published 20 dissertations in academic journals, among them Advocate Science and The Yan'an Sprit won the third prize of Social Science Research Excellence of Henan Province in 2002; one newsletter Build Our New Great Wall With Our Bodies won the Prize for Journalism accessit of Henan Proinve in 1999.