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School of Foreign Languages

Introduction to the School of Foreign Languages at Henan University
The School of Foreign Languages at Henan University has a history of nearly 100 years. As one of the oldest schools in the university, it now has 5 undergraduate programs, including English, Russian, Japanese, German and Translation. It provides a primary discipline PhD program in Foreign Language and Literature, a primary discipline MA program in Foreign Language and Literature and it has a post-doctoral research center in Foreign Language and Literature. Its English program has been awarded National-level Feature Program, the discipline of English Language and Literature has been named as the First-level Key Discipline for Development in Henan Province, its teaching team in English Language and Literature has been honored as an National-level Teaching Team, its Advanced English course has been selected as a National Top Level Course, and two disciplines, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and Russian Language and Literature, have been chosen as Key Disciplines in Henan Province.

The School of Foreign Languages is proud of its outstanding faculty with 83 full-time teachers. Among them, 17 are professors and 25 are associate professors. There are 12 PhD supervisors and 30 Master’s Degree supervisors; 5 are experts who receive government’s special allowance, 2 are Outstanding Experts in Henan Province, 2 are Distinguished Professors in Henan Pronvince and 2 are Distinguished Professors at Henan University. The school is very well equipped and is rich in books and reference materials. It has a central control room, satellite ground receiving systems, multi-media classrooms, simultaneous interpretation labs, electronic reading rooms, language labs, multi-functional halls and other facilities.

For years, the School of Foreign Languages has always kept to the guiding principle of equally emphasizing teaching and research. It attaches great importance to the quality of education and makes an effort to continually elevate the level of research. Some major fields of research that are characteristic include Study of Linguistics and its Application, Translation Studies and Cross-cultural Studies, British and American Literature, Contrastive Study of Linguistics, Russian Literature, Russian Linguistics, Japanese Literature, Japanese Linguistics etc. In the past five years, the School of Foreign Languages has undertaken 8 projects subsidized by the National Social Sciences Fund, 14 projects at provincial and ministerial level and has won 24 awards above provincial and ministerial level on research and teaching.