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School of Economic

The School of Economic at Henan University has a long term history of the academic development. The department of economics was established as early as 1927 and some famous economists and social activists like Luo Zhanglong(罗章龙), Wang Yizhai(王毅斋), Guang Mengjue(关梦觉) once served as instructors herein. Since 1980’s, The institute of economics enjoyed a new rapid development period led by the Professor Zhou Shouzheng(周守正) who is a famous economist in China.
Successively On Capital Research Institute, Population Research Center and Economics Research Institute had been organized, the departments of economics, trade and finance had been restored or established additionally, and the School of Economics and Trade Management Institute had been set up in 1992. Along with the schools of economics and management had been apart in 1999, the Economics and Trade Institute was organized and established newly and was renamed as the School of Economics in 2002.
  The School of Economics at Henan University has all programs of Master in economics and two programs in management. It also has 11 programs of Ph.D. in Economics. In addition it has all post-doctoral programs in theoretical economics and applied economics.

The School of Economics has a teaching and researching staff which is mainly constituted by young and middle-aged professors. It has 113 faculty and more than 3000 students including undergraduates, graduates, Ph. D. candidates and international students. Half of teaching staff have Ph.D. degree, 16 of them have overseas backgrounds. Moreover there are 15 professors, 26 associate professors. Their research areas include almost all topics in economics, especially in development economics, regional economics, economic history, finance and institutional economics. They have made their efforts to inquire those problems and hot topics in development economics and other areas, and their works has earned some reputations in China and oversea by being published in leading journals in China and some international journals oversea, such as China Economic Quarterly, Economic Research Journal, China Social Science in China, and Managerial Finance, Asia Pacific Business Review, Contemporary Asian Economic Research. Their contributions also have an important influence on the local economic development so that most of provincial government’s decisions about economic development are made after a consultant with experts in our school and that provincial government established a shared research center of economic development with Henan University, that is, the Research Institute of Zhongyuan Development.

Besides that, the School of Economics also has other research centers, such as the economic Research Institute, the Finance and Security Research Institute, the Industrial Economy and Rural Development Research Institute, the International Economy Research Institute.

The School of Economics pay its more attentions to academic communication with those economists in China and overseas. It hosted the Chinese Institutional Economics Annual Conference and the International Workshop on Industrialization Comparison between China and Japan successfully last year and sent ten of staff go abroad to be visiting scholars or participate international academic meetings. As well as many famous overseas scholars are invited one after another by our institute to give lectures. The School of Economics will host the Chinese Economists Society 2012 Annual Conference next year. 

Professor Xu Xingya(许兴亚), male, who was born in 1946, Feicheng City, Shandong Province, graduated from the political economics subject of Shandong University in 1968. He stayed in the university to lecture after he graduated from Henan University and got the Master degree of the political economics in 1981. He has engaged in the education and research of the Marxist economics and On Capital for a long time and had very high reputation in this area. He is the vice chairman of Chinese On Capital research Association, the vice chairman of Henan economic society and the chairman of Henan On Capital research Association. He is a famous Marxist economics expert of China.

Professor Geng Mingzhai(耿明斋), male, who was born in 1952, Huaxian City, Henan Province, graduated from the political science department of Henan University in 1982. Afterwards he graduated from the political economics subject of Henan University and got the Master degree of the economics in 1985. He now is the dean of the Economics Institute. His main research directions are stock market, portfolio investment, regional economies and development economics. He also is the initiator of the Zhengzhou and Kaifeng integration. He published five academic works at some publishing companies and presided to finish the society and science planning project each one of the Henan provincial “eighth-five-year plan” and the national “ninth-five-year plan” and presided to assume a key society and science planning project of the national “tenth-five-year plan”. He is the expert group’s member of Henan provincial eleventh-five-year plan.

Professor Yu Jinfu(于金富), male, who was born in 1956, Jianping City, Liaoning Province, graduated form the political science department of Northeast Normal University in 1985. He stayed in the Economics Research Institute of Henan University to work after he graduated from Henan University and got the Master degree of political economics in 1989. In 2001, he graduated from Jilin University and got the Ph.D. of the political economics. He has engaged in the research work at the economics post-doctoral station of Fudan University from 2001 to 2003. His main research areas are political economy. He issued successively over 60 academic articles at the Chinese core journals like Economic Research, and so on.