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School Of Distance And Continuing Education

College of Distance and Continuing Education is a specialized as well as a serving department centrally managing distance education, adult higher education, student-aiding program of self-taught examination, continuing education and non-curricula education of Henan University. It is the first department in Henan Province to organize adult higher education and is also the earlier one to provide this service in the region of the whole country. Since the foundation of the department in 1955, its staff from generation to generation strictly observe the university’s maxim of “encouraging virtue, innovating in thinking and pursuing the perfection”. They face up to the hardships of pioneering with perseverance and keep pace with the times with a ground-breaking approach. Over more than 50 years, the department has trained more than 300,000 qualified specific professional persons in different fields at different levels to meet the needs of the country. Therefore, it makes significant contributions to the economic construction as well as the social and cultural development of the country.

During the long course of running, this department has shaped a unique system with various kinds of educational forms in terms of the adult higher education. With respect to the forms, there are curricula education and non-curricula education. Curricula education includes correspondence education, off-job or semi-sabbatical education and student-aiding program of self-taught examination. Non-curricula education consists of on-job postgraduates’ education, different kinds of training and the programs which aim at gaining a professional certificate from a relevant accredited institution. On the levels of education, there are junior college education, undergraduate course, course of upgrading from junior college to university and postgraduate course of adult higher education.
The department pays full attention to the scientific research of the continuing education. In recent 5 years, more than 10 monographs on the continuing education have been published, more than 200 research articles have been published in related newspapers and magzines inside and outside the province and 15 research projects funded by central government, related ministries and provincial government respectively have been completed. In 2004, the postgraduate major of adult higher education became independent and the department started to recruit postgraduate students at the same year.

The hard work of the faculty brings about fruitful results. The department successively gained many honorary titles such as “Double A” unit in the national evaluation of correspondence education and evening university in 1996, “Excellent Unit” in the provincial quality evaluation of running adult higher education in 2005-2006 and “National Advanced Unit on Adult Education Admission” and so on.