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School of Business

The history of the Business School dates back to the establishment of the Department of Economics in 1927. The Business School, with a nearly-100-year history, especially the 30-year's development after China's reform and opening-up, possesses three first-class disciplines in Business Management, Management Science and Engineering and Applied Economics. It provides six undergraduate degree programs ---- Business Management, Marketing, Finance Management, Accounting, Human Resources Management and E-Business. It owns the first-level doctoral program in Applied Economics and three first-class postgraduate programs in Business Management, Management Science and Engineering and Applied Economics and six professional master degree programs in Business Management(MBA), Accounting(MPACC), Assets Assessment, Finance, Project Management and Logistic Engineering. The business discipline has been named as the Key Discipline in Henan Province, which ranked 27 in the discipline assessment of national high universities and institutes in 2007.

The Business School has always kept to the principle of "Quality First". It strengthens the discipline construction and advocates the institute culture of"Linking the East to the West, Being broad-minded, Rooted in the Central Plains and Leading the Times". It will be built into the talent highland of the Central Plain Economic Zone in training the creative management talents and business leaders by means of building MBA, MPACC and other professional degree brands with a distinct characteristics, promoting the cultivation of talents and the discipline growth and directly serving the society.

The Business School has 95 faculty members, of whom 87 full-time teachers, 14 professors, 34 associate professors, 45 doctors and tutors. Some of them are the famous persons in a variety of fields.

Prof. Wei Chenglong: the Director of HUBS, PhD supervisor, the academic leader of the first-class discipline in Business Management, the Executive Director of China Enterprise Management Institute, the Vice-Chairman of Henan Entrepreneur Association,the Counselors or Independent Directors of local governments, financial institutions and enterprises.

Prof. Wang Xingyu: the Deputy-Director of HUBS, PhD supervisor, the academic leader of the first-class discipline in Management Science and Engineering, the Director of Chinese Game Theory and Experimental Economics Institute.

Prof. Li Xingong: the Deputy-Director of HUBS, master's degree supervisor,the economics postdoctoral of Fudan University,the academic leader in Technological Economics and Management, the backbone teacher of Education Department of Henan Province.

Prof. Liu Jianzhong: the Director of Henan University Accounting Institute, master's degree supervisor, the academic leader in Accounting, the Director of China Accounting Society, the Vice-Chairman of Henan Accounting Society.

In addition,Prof. Li Jie, Li Shejiao, Zhang Xiuying, Yang Fengjuan, Du Naitao, Liu Xinshi, Tu Qiaoping, Wang Faqing and Hao Yugui are all the senior teaching stars and discipline leaders;PhD Feng Hailong, Wei Jianfeng, Yao Yuan, Kong Fanbao, Zhang Caiyu, Liu Jinying, Zheng Jun, Xie Zhouliang, Wu Long, Zhang Jiemei, Liu Zhonggang and Zhang Xiangxian are the teaching stars of new generation and discipline leaders.