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College of Physical Education

The College of Physical Education of Southwest University originates from the Physical-specialized Department of National Female Normal College which was founded in 1940.Approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC in 1950,the National Female Normal College and Sichuan Education

College was incorporated into the Southwest Normal College with the consequently new Physical-specialized Department. Then in 1951 came the new Physical Department of Southwest Normal College after the Physical-specialized Department of Chongqing University was integrated into the Southwest Normal College. Later in 1959,The Physical Department of Southwest Normal College became a part of the Chongqing College of Physical Education .Granted by the Sichuan Education Commission in 1978 , the Department of Physical Education was formally established under the governance of the Southwest Normal College .

In 1985,The Department was renamed the Department of Physical Education of Southwest Normal University, which was developed into the College of Physical Education of Southwest Normal University in 1993. In 2005, with the combination of the two universities, it was again renamed the College of Physical Education of Southwest University.The College of Physical Education of Southwest University now includes the Department of Physical Education, the Department of Athletics, the Department of Public Sports, the Continuing Education Center and the Research College of Sports Science. The College is authorized to offer the diploma of master's degrees in Physical Education and Training and Physical Human Sociology. In addition, the college takes in on-job college teachers and on-job middle school teachers for the study course of postgraduates of master's degree The College of Physical Education is constituted of 119 faculties, including 9 professors, 41 associate professors and 25 lecturers. The members includes 11 instructors of postgraduate, 36 teachers with the master's degree and doctor's degree in total and 15 referees at the international level and the national level.

The college attaches great importance to the reform in education and teaching and scientific research. Since the last 5 years, it has won 7 awards of outstanding achievement in teaching offered by Chongqing Municipality, published 23 scholarly treatises and teaching course books and published 235 academic treatises in the domestic and international academic community. In addition, its 6 social science research projects have been offered national fund and 9 have been offered fund by Chongqing Municipality.Since the recent 3 years, the college has enrolled senior middle school graduates for the majors of physical education and athletic training who come from Chongqing city and Tianjin cityand the provinces of Sichuan,Yunnan,Guizhou,Guangxi,Guangdong,Hainan,Zhejiang,Fujian,Jiangxi,Hubei,Hunan,Shandong,Shanxi,Tianjin,Liaoning,
Heilongjiang,Henan,Shanxi and Xinjiang. According to the analysis of the enrolment, about 1/4 of the students who set our college as first choice was recruited. The quality of the student’s pool, as embodied in their test scores and professional qualities, has been enhanced steadily.

Among the students currently registered at the college, there are 911 undergraduates, 88 postgraduates and 137 postgraduates in total who
are on-job college teachers and on-job middle school teachers.

In accordance with the statistics of graduates employment and feedback from the society, the rate of undergraduate employment has been stably kept at 90% and that of the postgraduate has been maintained at 100% for the past 3 years . The ideological and political qualities of the graduates, especially their remarkable dedication, creativity and practice have been fully affirmed by the employing units. We have trained numerous fine teachers, experts, scholars, physical education workers and coaches for years that helps the college receives higher reputation year by year. For instance, Deng Younan from Chongqing NanKai middle school has received the title of exemplary teacher; Professor Xia Siyong has been awarded the title of national advanced physical educator; Ran Xiongfei, graduate of our college, works as a veteran journalist in Titansports newspaper office and Yang Sujuan, graduate of our college, works as a coach for Chongqing Physical College.To quote a famous phrase of Mao Zedong:“Range of mountains and stretching route ahead resembling the iron, Let’s brace up to overcome them! ", setting education as the fundamental concern, using scientific research as the leading factor and promoting training as its notable character, the College of Physical Education of Southwest University, by sticking to the concepts of "integrating the professional qualities, technology and culture and  humanities education" as its school operation idea, struggles to train high-quality personnel’s of all-round development and creativity.