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College of Education

The College of Education at Southwest University has served educational communities of China and the world, especially Western China through its leadership in research, service, and advocacy for more than fifty years. As one of the leading colleges of education in China, it engages in preparing teachers and other educational professionals for practice in a wide range of education-related fields from preschool through adulthood and dedicates to advancing knowledge and improving the practice of teaching and learning experience. Our college members are organized for their work in developing, advancing and enacting knowledge and driven by our commitment to educational excellence, equity, and constant pursuit of knowledge. Throughout our about sixty years of history, we have grown and evolved in response to the ever-changing challenges and needs of society. We follow a rigorous research program to investigate theory and provide innovative leadership in issues of educational pedagogy. The college ranks third in academic research and fourth in programs for undergraduate and graduate students among the colleges of education in China. With development of Western China, the college will make more contribution to the communities and China.

About Dean Jin Yule

Jin Yule is the Dean of the College of Education at the Southwest University, a distinguished professor, youngest leader and practitioner of education in China. He holds an important post at the Chinese Society for Studies in Curriculum and Pedagogy, the Chinese Association for Studies in Educational Experiment. He has authored 26 books, 170 articles on curriculum and pedagogy, and has completed several important research programs on educational reforms of western part of China funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research of China. As an international scholar, several of his books are shelved in the East Asian libraries of North America. Recently he has initiated several international cooperative programs with Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia. Washington University and Michigan State University. As a teacher, educator, researcher and administrator, Dr. Jin Yule is very active in educational initiatives throughout China and internationally.

History of the College:

A brief history of the College from 1950 to the present.
The college was merged from nine departments of different colleges: Educational Departments of National Normal College for Women, Chongqing University, Xianghui College of Fudan University, Sichuan University (with its Department of Citizen Training & Cultivation), East-Sichuan Education College, Kunming Normal College, Guizhou Normal College, Sichuan Province-maintained Education Department, and Department of Domestic Economy of West-China Xiehe University.
Foreign Education History began to enroll postgraduates, Professor Ren Baoxiang being the supervisor.
Theories of Instruction, Professor Zhang Furong and Gao Zhengye being the supervisors
Developmental Psychology, Professor Liu Zhaoji and Li Changmian being the supervisors.
In 1984 and 1988, twice examined and approved by the Sate Council of China, CoE obtained the authorization to confer Master’s Degree in Theories of Instruction, General Psychology and Foreign Education History.
In the aspect of doctorial education, approved by the Degree Committee of the State Council, Theories of Instruction became the first specialty in SWU authorized to grant Doctor’s Degree, with Prof. Zhang Furong as supervisor.
The first doctorial student in SWU was enrolled, who was also the first Doctor of Theories of Instruction cultivated in China.
Principles of Pedagogics was authorized to grant Master’s Degree.
Comparative Education was authorized to confer Master’s Degree.
Chinese Education History and Educational Psychology began to enroll postgraduates
Comparative Education started to enroll postgraduates;
Principles of pedagogics began to enroll doctorial students and in 2000 began to enroll international doctorial students.
In 2003, CoE was conferred First-class Discipline of pedagogics.
Pre-school Education obtained the authorization to confer Master’s Degree.
Up to 2006
15 specializations were authorized to confer Master’s Degree.
15 specializations were authorized to confer Doctor’s Degree.