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Advanced Chinese Language Teaching in ZZU

The Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CTCFL)

The Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (CTCFL) of School of International Education (SIE) aims to teach Chinese language and culture to overseas students or overseas Chinese. It includes Chinese courses for undergraduate overseas students, Chinese courses ranging from 6 months to 3 years for language students and various-level short-term intensified Chinese courses covering two weeks to three months. Students will receive all-round Chinese training in terms of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. By the end of the study, students who pass the required courses will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

Who Can Apply the Chinese Language Program?

CTCFL enrolled students to learn Chinese all year round. Students will be categorized according to their Chinese level as follows: 1. Zero level start courses, which aim to beginners with no Chinese foundation. Give lessons on basic words, grammar and daily dialogues to prepare for next step to study some primary knowledge of Chinese. 2. Primary Chinese Courses. Students are trained to improve their capability of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. After one academic year study, most of students may obtain the 3rd level certificate of HSK. 3. Intermediate Chinese Courses. Students are taught to grasp the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating; know the basic Chinese traditional culture; have a preliminary understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and possess oral Chinese communication ability and Chinese written expression ability. After finishing the study, most of students may obtain the 5th-level certificate of HSK. 4. Advanced Chinese Courses. Further strengthen students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, and gain deeper insights to Chinese traditional culture. After finishing the courses, most of students can obtain the 8th-level certificate of HSK.

Rich Faculty Fesources

CTCFL has a team of faculty resources with high teaching ability and rich teaching experience. The teachers of CTCFL are good at comparing the languages to seek some efficient ways to solve students’ problems on grammar and pronunciation, and to the maximum extent stimulate students’ enthusiasm for language study in the insipid study. Furthermore, CTCFL is holding a series of studies on teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and striving to form our special style and system on Chinese teaching.

International Exchanges in Chinese Language Program

In recent years, teaching Chinese as a foreign language develops rapidly in Zhengzhou University. CTCFL has not only brought up a number of overseas students around the world, but also has formed the solid cooperation with universities and institutes abroad, such as the frequent exchange activities with Kyungsung University in Korea, Kyungpook University in Korea, Irkutsk State University in Russia. Except teaching the students from these universities Chinese language and holding short-term Chinese Courses, CTCFL often send teachers to these universities to undertake some tasks of teaching and spreading Chinese language and culture.

Introduction to the Schedule of Training Courses for Overseas Students

Short-term: duration: 2 weeks -12weeks
18hrs-20hrs per week (18hrs for the specialties, 2hrs for the elective)
Specialties: Chinese, oral Chinese, intensive reading (Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar)
Note: The contents of courses could be altered according to students’ requirements and their Chinese ability.
One can be enrolled at any moment and we will hold an individual class in case that there are more than 10 students.

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