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About Zhenjiang


Zhenjiang is a dynamic and beautiful city, shaped by over 3,000 years of myths, legends and profound history. Zhenjiang is a famous historical and cultural city, that is a top tourist destination in the Yangtze River delta region. Zhenjiang is known for offering a combination of "urban forests" and "grand river scenery" due to the surrounding mountains dotted with marvelous temples and pagodas, mighty rivers and bridges, and natural beauty.



In history, Zhenjiang was one of the origins of Wu culture, and produced a large number of celebrated scientists, literators and historians. Zhenjiang's culture has been very attractive for both Chinese and foreigners. Marco Polo, a famous Italian writer of The Travels of Marco Polo, studied Chinese culture and Chinese political systems in Zhenjiang many years. Pearl S. Buck, the famous American woman writer who was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1938, spent her childhood, adolescence and youth in Zhenjiang, therefore, most of her works were stamped with the influence of local culture.



Zhenjiang is also a great place for you to "taste Jiangsu". It's known throughout China and the world for its famous vinegar, and as the true home of "sweet and sour". Zhenjiang has a rich and diverse cuisine, and you will enjoy every delicious bite in the place where the British established a consulate.

Jinshan Temple