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International Education

As an important college in Jiangsu University, IEEC (International Education Exchange College) specially engages in the development of educational communication with friends from all over the world. At present, more than 130 international students are studying in the medical programs of MBBS or MMD ( Master Degree in medicine).  Medical College of Jiangsu University is the successor to ZHENJIANG MEDICAL COLLEGE, which is recognized by WHO (Listed in "World Directory of Medical School", 7th Edition, World Health Organization, Geneva 2000, page 56).


Some international students are taking short-term or long-term Chinese language and culture appreciating courses, or pursuing Bachelor, Master or Doctor degree. IEEC provides special courses or programs in the field of machinery, science, medicine, arts, economics, law, business, education and history.


Jiangsu University has established friendly ties and long-term cooperative relationship with 27 colleges, universities and research institutions in America, Japan, Germany, Russia, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, and so on.


Besides first-rate education services, Jiangsu University will provide first-rate logistic services so that international students can enjoy a pleasant experience in this key university, in Zhenjiang, a famous city with long history and profound culture, and in China, the most charmful country in the 21st century.