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President's Message

The first two decades of 21st century is not only a period of strategic opportunities for the social and economical development but also a significant historical phase for the reform and development of higher education of China. Institutions of higher learning are vying with each other to enhance their own qualities and characteristics. To seize the unprecedented opportunities and meet the new challenges we have defined the theme of development of Jiangsu University for  the 11th Five-Year-Plan Period (2006~2010)  as Enhance Education Qualities and Strengthen Distinctive Features, and we are following the school-running principle of Four Priorities , that is, priority on teaching quality, priority on top faculty members, priority on strong disciplines and priority on autonomous innovations. We are vigorously implementing the development strategy of internationalization, diversification and individualization to develop Jiangsu University into an open and comprehensive university oriented to both teaching and research, which is excellent in the disciplines of science and engineering, harmonious in the development of disciplines and boasts a few disciplines the best in China. In the process of the globalization of technology and the internationalization of higher education, we are eager to communicate and cooperate, in various ways, with both domestic and international universities and research institutes, eager to perform cooperation projects by way of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreement frame, eager to actively participate in domestic and international exchange, cooperation and competition , and try to make this university's talents cultivation, scientific study and discipline construction  oriented toward the modernization, the world and the future so that we can make contribution to the advancement and prosperity of the human society.