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About JU

Brief Introduction

Jiangsu University (JU) is a comprehensive teaching-and-research-type university featuring engineering, one of its five chief fields: engineering, medicine, science, management and humanities. JU situated in a beautiful and well-known, historic and cultural city besides Yangtze River--Zhenjiang. JU is one of the key universities in China and is among the first batch of colleges and universities that are authorized to confer doctor degrees, master degrees and engineering master degrees. JU ranks among the top hundred universities in China in terms of comprehensive school-running ability. The origin of JU traces back to San-jiang Normal School founded by such patriots as Zhang Zhi-dong in 1902. In August, 2001, JU was founded by merging Zhenjiang Medical College and Zhenjiang Teacher’s College into the former main body-- Jiangsu University of Science and Technology.


Main Gate of Jiangsu University

Facilities & Courses

JU has a total floor space of 1,400,000 square meters. Presently, JU has more than 4700 staff members, including 2 specially hired academicians of Chinese Academy of Science and 5 academicians of China National Engineering Research Institute, and more than 320 full professors and 850 associate professors. There is an enrollment of more than 42,000 students, of whom about 7,200 are postgraduates. JU has 24 schools and colleges--most of which can offer various English-taught programs, 83 undergraduate programs in the fields of engineering, science, medicine, literature, economics, law, management, education and history. JU has one newly-established national research center: the National Research Center of Pump Systems Engineering Technology, eight post-doctoral research stations, 9 primary PhD disciplines, 42 PhD programs, 166 master’s programs, two national key disciplines, one key laboratory co-sponsored by Jiangsu Province and the Ministry of Education, 13 provincial key disciplines, 11 provincial key laboratories and engineering centers. In addition, JU runs 26 ME (Master of Engineering) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs, one publishing company and one affiliated hospital.


Entrusted by UNIDO and ESCAP, JU has trained high-ranking management personnel and experts in agricultural machinery for over 30 countries since 1980s. As an important college in Jiangsu University established in 2011, Overseas Education College (OEC) specially engages in the development of educational exchanges with friends from all over the world. Presently, nearly 200 international students are studying in the medical programs of MBBS or MMD (Master Degree in medicine), MBA, BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or IET (International Economy and Trade). Most international students are pursuing Bachelor, Master or Doctor degrees, while some are taking short-term or long-term Chinese language and culture appreciating courses. OEC provides special courses or programs in the field of machinery, science, medicine, arts, economics, law, business, education and history. The origin of foreign students in JU has been spreading all over the world: they are from Germany, USA, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil; Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Nepal, Syria, Maldives; South Africa, Ghana, Niger, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda, Namibia, etc. Besides first-rate facilities and education services, JU provides first-rate logistic services so that international students can enjoy a pleasant experience in this key university, in Zhenjiang--a famous city with long history and profound culture, and in China--the most amazing country in the 21st century.

International Students in Jiangsu University