School of Foreign Languages

School of Foreign Languages of Jiangsu University was set up in 2001.The School mainly consists of two parts, the teaching and research units and the training units. The teaching and research units include English Department, Japanese Department, two College English teaching groups, graduate English teaching group and the Institute of English Language and Culture, while the training units are comprised of foreign languages learning center, exam training center and the training center registered by LCCIEB (London Chamber of Commerce and industry Examination Board).The School has a faculty of 161, among whom there are 33 full and associate professors. The School offers 2 undergraduate majors: English and Japanese and 2 M.A. Programs in Education of English Language and Culture and Comparison of English and Chinese. It has an enrollment of 964 undergraduates and 79 postgraduates. The school owns 20 multifunctional language labs, 1 film and TV viewing center, 1 self learning center, 1 satellite TV receiving system and 4 broadcasting station for foreign language teaching.