School of Environment

The School of Environment of Jiangsu University has two undergraduate programs: Safety Engineering and Environmental Engineering, four master programs: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Safety Technology and Engineering and Ecology (in collaboration with Graduate School of Agricultural Engineering), and two Ph.D. programs: Environmental Engineering and Agricultural Biologic Environmental and Energy Engineering (in collaboration with Graduate School of Agricultural Engineering). In the school, there are two departments: Department of Safety Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, and four institutes or centers: Institute of Environmental Engineering, Institute of Oceanic Resource & Environment, Technical Center of Safety Engineering and the Central Laboratory of Safety & Environmental Engineering.

The main research fields of School of Environment include the Ecological Environment Prosthetic Technique, the Technique and Application of Plasma, the Agricultural Environmental Protection Engineering, the Effluent Disposal Engineering Design, Effluent Disposal Technological Simulation & Control System, the Safety Management Principle & Safety Assessment Technique, Safety Production Consultation & Evaluation, and so on.

The school attaches great importance to international and domestic exchanges and cooperation so that it has formed a close relationship with corresponding schools in Colorado University, Leeds University, Mie University, Kyoto University, Tohoku University, University of Tsukuba, Guelph University and Saskatchewan University, exchanging teachers and students and applying for and conducting joint programs.