School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration was established in the November of 1982. It  is running one post-doctoral research station, one doctorate granting discipline of A-level in management science and engineering, one doctorate granting position set on its own, four master's degree programs, MBA program, three engineering master's degree programs and seven undergraduate programs. The school consists of five departments and seven institutes including the Research Centre of SME, the Development Institute of Management Engineering, and the Institute of Strategic Management. It has made great achievements in the field of SME study. At the beginning of 2003, the school was designated as the Research and Training Base for SME-Project in China by the SME Department of the National Committee of Economy and Trade. The school has a teaching staff of more than one hundred members, of whom are eight Ph.D. supervisors, thirty eight full or associate professors, one cross-century academic leader of Jiangsu universities, one "333 Program" candidate, and one young mainstay teacher of the "Qinglan Program". The school has an enrollment of over 2000 students, including graduates and postgraduates.