School of Art

The School has a staff of 83 members, 71 of which are professional teachers, including 4 professors and 17 associate-professors; 5 Ph.D holders ( including those still pursuing the doctor program) and 34 master’s degree holders (including those still pursuing a master’s program). The School boasts two master’s program: Artistic Design and Fine Arts and four majors for bachelor’ s degree covering Artistic Design, Industrial Design, Fine Arts and Animation. There are 979 full-time non-graduate students and 18 students studying for master’s degree. With the teaching as the focus, the school promotes the teaching with the aid of scientific research, strengthens the management of the students, pushes forward and deepens the reform of teaching to enhance the construction of the teaching team. It has made good achievements in the teaching, students’ management and scientific research, and obtained good results in the artistic practice and creation.