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NUST Overseas Students Invited to Attend Love Nanjing Activity

On October 19th, 2013 overseas students from School of International Education were invited to participate in theLove Nanjing 2013 activity and International Cultural Exchange Day holding in the Stone City Park. They gathered there with other universities’ foreign students to show cultures with different style, giving Nanjing Citizens a wonderful international festival.


Vietnamese style display

In the activity spot, the Vietnamese Style Display which was decorated delicately attracted dozens of citizens to come and take pictures; Madagascar students and Vietnam students wearing native costumes showed passionate aboriginal dance and large bamboo hat dance respectively; semi-chorus of Pakistan students was echoed by their compatriots, which made the whole atmosphere like a joyous party.

Madagascar folk dance


 Pakistan Semi-chorus

NUST overseas students who joined the activity
Love Nanjing 2013 and Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Day was held by Press Office of Nanjing People’s Government and Jiangsu Research Institute of Education of Overseas Students, aimed to provide a stage for foreign friends to show and exchange different cultures and traditions, and to let Nanjing citizens know and feel multi-culture and to pass on Nanjing Philanthropic spirit to the whole world. This year, NUST overseas students come from more diversified countries, which allowed us to rehearse all kinds of performances. And their shows indeed got praise from the on-site citizens and other universities.