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Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, with 3,308 students, eight departments, night research institutes, and six engineering centers. The eight departments include:
Manufacturing Engineering & Automation
Mechatronics Engineering
Mechanical Design & Automation
Vehicle and Traffic Engineering
Precision Instruments Measurement & Control Engineering
Design & Art, Industrial Engineering
Aeronautical & Astronautical
Our laboratories and centers are top notch. Among the engineering centers, the Ammunition Engineering Center is a national-level engineering center. The Experiment Center for General Machinery Education is an exemplary teaching center for Jiangsu Province, and the Intelligent Ammunition Technology Laboratory is a key research laboratory for national defence.
The School hosts six first-level disciplines, three first-level doctoral and postdoctoral program disciplines , eleven secondary doctoral program disciplines, and nineteen secondary master’s program disciplines. The School’s Armament Science and Technology discipline is a top-level national program, and Mechatronic Engineering is a leading program for Jiangsu Province.
The School of Mechanical Engineering is dedicated to serving the development of the national economy, establishing engineering technology centers and centers for “Learning, Research and Production through cooperation with many leading domestic and international enterprises. In addition, it has promoted high-level scientific and technological advancements and has fostered well-qualified and trained candidates for enterprises. We hope to cooperate with more domestic & international universities, scientific research institutes, and enterprises to create a better future together!