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2018 XZMU International Students Chinese New Year Party

On February 9th 2018, The school of International Education held an elaborate evening party in the Canteen Hall No.3 which started promptly by 6:00 P.M. Present within the gathering were the highly respected President of Xuzhou Medical university, Professor Zheng Kui Yang, The Dean of School of International Education, Professor Sun Hong, Staff of the Logistics department, Security department, Student affairs as well as Teachers of the School of International Education, Clinical medicine and Basic sciences, Undergraduate Students and Post graduate students.

The Ceremony began with a brief ceremonial speech from the President of the university, prof. Zheng followed by a short performance from 2017 international student. A huge banquet of delicacies and drinks were provided to everyone in attendance in a buffet style. The atmosphere was filled with wonderful chinese music, warmth, happiness and good cheer has everyone lined up to get their food and had a wonderful evening.