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Girls' Day Celebration

On March 7th, 2018, the Girl’s Day Celebration (one day before the International Women’s Day) was held by the international students in front of No. 15 student apartment in Xuzhou Medical University.

We held a game to celebrate it which is called Defending the balloon, including individual, couple and team rounds, and also includes playing and sharing fun experiences. This was organized by the teachers of the School of International Education. The event started in the afternoon having most of the international girl students present. The atmosphere was friendly and everyone was interacting with anyone, seniors intermingling with the juniors. There was a competitive atmosphere among the students especially between the juniors and the seniors but there was a sense of unity between students of the same year. Every student that participated got a present while the winners were awarded more and better presents. This was a fun event where the students got to interact with each other outside the class even with some of the teachers.