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Introduction of NUAA

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(NUAA), established in 1952, enjoys a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, management, etc. with the characteristics of aeronautics, astronautics and civil aviation. NUAA is among the first batch of national key universities entitled to award doctoral degree, master’s degree and bachelor’s degree. It is one of the 52 universities with graduate school in China, and it has also been listed in the “National Project 211” as one of the 100 key universities for the 21st century. Presently, NUAA has established international cooperation and exchange with more than 60 universities and institutions all over the world.

NUAA has 29,887 students as well as 2,935 staff, among whom, 1,594 are academic teachers and professional researchers, with 357 professors and 664 associate professors. NUAA has 10 Academicians in China’s Academy of Science and China’s Academy of Engineering, 269 supervisors for doctoral degrees. About 400 international students from 30 countries, e.g. Pakistan, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Italy, France, Germany, Philippine, Maldives, Japan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, etc. are studying for doctoral, master and bachelor degrees. 
NUAA consists of 14 colleges, including: College of Aerospace Engineering, College of Energy & Power Engineering, College of Automation Engineering, College of Information Science & Technology, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Material Science & Technology, College of Civil Aviation, College of Science, College of Economics & Management, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, College of Arts, College of Foreign Languages, College of International Education, College of Astronautics, and College of Global Education. There are as many as 226 programs, among which 47 offer bachelor’s degrees, 127 offer master's degrees and 52 offer doctoral degrees. There are 9 national key programs, 18 key programs at the provincial level, and 12 postdoctoral exchange centres.

NUAA has set up as many as 89 research institutes, such as Pilot-less Aircraft Research Institute, Helicopter Research Institute, etc. and 51 laboratories, among which one is national key laboratory and 7 provincial and ministerial key laboratories. NUAA enjoys best facilities both for teaching and scientific research. NUAA has very strong advantages in the research and application of basic science, and the development of high technology. NUAA has designed and manufactured "CK" series of Remote-controlled Pilot-less Vehicles, AD series of super-light airplanes and other series of helicopters that have filled in the national gaps in these fields in China and also measured up to the advanced world standards, and it has also made a lot of breakthroughs in many key projects concerning aeronautic and astronautic research and national defense programs.

NUAA is dedicating itself to the developmental strategy of "Valuing humanism, emphasizing its potential, highlighting its characteristics, quickening its development and creating a first-rate university". It is hoped that by 2010, NUAA will have become the nation's first-class university enjoying worldwide renown.

Where is NUAA?

NUAA is located on the ruin of Ming (Dynasty) Palace (some like the Forbidden City in Beijing), at the cross of Zhongshan (named after Dr. Sun Yetsen) Road and Yudao Street in the city of Nanjing. NUAA is easily accessible.

It is

• 40 kilometers away from the Nanjing Lukou Airport(International Airport),
• 12 kilometers away from the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge,
• 7 kilometers from the Nanjing Railway Station ,
• 8 kilometers from the Nangjing Long Distance Coach Station.
• 1 kilometers from Shanghai-Nanjing Express Highway.
• There are two main gates, one is open to Yudao Street, the other is to Zhongshandong Road.