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Zhu Di, President of NUAA, Led A Delegation to Visit Cooperative Universities in Russia

Recently, the President of NUAA, Zhu Di, led a delegation to visit cooperative universities in Russia. This visit aimed at strengthening cooperation, as well as to develop exchanges in the field of Aviation and Aerospace between Russian universities and NUAA. The visit was also intended to strengthen cooperation between the universities in personnel training, scientific research as well as academic and cultural exchanges.
During the visit, the Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Professor Anatoly Alexandrov, the Vice Rector of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Professor Ivan Arkharov, along with Dmitri Stroganov extended their warm welcome to the Dean of NUAA, Zhu Di, and his delegation. They discussed how to deepen the existing cooperation between each university. The Deans from the School of Manufacturing Technology, the School of Power and Flight Control Department, and the School of Special Machinery, also further discussed how to develop cooperation in reaction to specific issues such as personnel training, scientific research and academic exchanges between the universities. The delegation from NUAA was then invited to visit an exhibition displaying the history of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.