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Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace is an exciting, intellectually challenging, and economically important field that offers unique opportunities for students and researchers to contribute to the future of transportation, communications, exploration and national security. We prepare engineers for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation, and operation of aerospace and related engineering systems. It is our goals that educate tomorrow’s leaders through innovative educational programs and pedagogies, which have as their context the conception, design, implementation, and operation of systems and processes; create research opportunities that generate inventions, technologies, and solutions to aerospace problems in cooperation with colleagues at NUAA even other universities, industry.

Students, in this major, can learn and grasp the following knowledge and ability:
1. Comprehensive professional education of aircraft design and maintenance;
2. Master the technologies and theory of related fields, including mechanics, materials science, electronics, measurement and control, market economy and other basic knowledge;
3. Professional knowledge of broad aircraft design and maintenance and have comprehensive ability and engineering innovation capabilities. 

Main Courses:   Our courses are composed of general basic courses, specialized fundamental courses, and specialized branch courses, mainly practice steps and Chinese language and culture, list as below:Calculus, Physics, Mathematical Analysis,  Engineering Mechanics, Aerodynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Structural Analysis; Computer Programming, Engineering Graphics, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical Design, Control System Engineering, Engineering Materials; Flight Mechanics, Aviation Engine Theory, Aircraft Manufacture Studies, Aircraft Environmental Control System, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Design, Aircraft Structural Design.