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Professor Peter J.Sadler held seminar in NNU

Professor Peter J.Sadler, member of the Royal Society and Dean of College of Chemistry at Warwich University, visited NNU on November 4, as invited by Mr. Shen Jian, director of the Education Bureau of Jiangsu province, together with NNU Chemistry and Environmental Science College.

Professor Wang Jian, vice president of NNU met with Professor Sadler to express welcome. His seminar was then held in the afternoon at Xianlin Campus, on the topic of “Using coordination chemistry to design new medicines”, which was hosted by Prof. Huang Xiaohua, deputy director of key lab for Biological Functional Material of Jiangsu Province. His lecture started with essential living elements and their function, and introduced his recent research achievements on metal complex with qualities of anticancer and antivirus. He also presented detailed explanation of the design and synthesis of the complex, methods to improve its biological activity and the research on its function mechanism with target molecules such as DNA and protein. The lecture was impressive and inspiring, which raises strong interests of the students and teachers present.

During his stay in Nanjing, Prof. Sadler met with professors from the provincial key lab on Biological functional material and both parties reached primary agreement on establishing cooperation between the lab and Chemistry College of Warwich University in relevant research fields and talent cultivation.