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Academic Lecture of California university professor Liu Bo

Topic: The cytoskeleton microtubule eyes-joys of being online for by

Speaker: Liu Bo

Between: when July 18, 2011-12:00 at 10:00 am

To a point: the central will 2 amphitheatre. Room 102

The speaker introduction:
Dr Liu Bo, cell biology professor from University of California, Davis. In 1985 he attained the Beijing University of cell biology and genetics professional bachelor's degree; In 1988, received a master's degree in Beijing university cell biology; 1995 years by the American university of Georgia botany doctor's degree. 1985-1998 respectively of Dentistry in this leads-of the New Jersey, Robert Wood Johnson, p.y. Piscataway, floatation, are for postdoctoral research.

Professor Liu Bo in recent years mainly engaged in plants and fungi Cell division related proteins mechanism and cytoskeleton binding protein signal transduction in the role, in "by Cell", "by Physiology", "Genetics", "Molucular Biology of the Cell", "Janoural Cell Biology," and other international of famous periodicals published more than 30 articles in international counterparts in a greater influence.

Welcome agronomy courtyard, life academy of sciences and other related specialized graduate students to participate in the report.