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CPU Held its Fifth International Student Academic Innovation Forum

China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) held its fifth academic innovation forum for international pharmacy students on May 6, in an effort to promote cooperation and build a platform for the exchange of academic research results.

More than 200 international pharmacy students from such local schools as  Fudan University, Shandong University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and  Wenzhou Medical University attended the forum.

Students shared innovative practices, discussed the latest scientific advances and made presentations on a variety of topics of interest to  pharmaceutical academies.

Professor Ding Yang of CPU was pleased to see his students Ngandeu Neubi Gella Maelys and Aouameur Djamila, who are third year master's and doctoral  students from Cameroon and Algeria, giving presentations on cancer phototherapy and antitumor efficacy.

Their ideas have inspired Bakheet Inas, a doctoral candidate from Sudan, who  also attended the forum. Inas described her decision to come to China and study  at CPU as a correct start, with the school providing her with a stable  learning environment where she feels her efforts are recognized and encouraged.

This is a beautiful experience. With sincerity and diligence we will give back to our alma mater, Inas said.

CPU President Lai Maode extended well-wishes to the students: Reaping what  you sow, I believe that your efforts will eventually be rewarded and all of you  will become the pride of CPU.

An awards ceremony was held on the sideline, with outstanding overseas  students granted school-specific, Nanjing municipal, Jiangsu provincial and Chinese government scholarships.