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Requirements for CSC Scholarship Application

Chinese Government Scholarshsip

China Pharmaceutical University is the host university of Chinese Government Scholarship. Students who are interested in studying at China Pharmaceutical University under the support of Chinese Government acholarships may apply to the government departments in charge of overseas study affairs in your home coutries, related organizationa or Chinese embassies. The application time is between early January and early April each year. For details, please visit the websites of China Scholarship Council

Postgraduate Scholarship(CGS-UPSP)
China Pharmaceutical University offer full scholarship to master PhD candidates and the detailed information is available at our web

All CSC scholarship students and self-funded students who anticipate to receive CSC scholarship: download and fill out the Annual Review Form at CSC website and submit to International Office before May. 15 of each year. Poor academic performance, behavior or medical conditions (e.g. severe absence of class, not earning enough credits for consecutively two years, failing to go up to the next grade, having active tuberculosis, hepatitis B or other serious diseases, or violation of Chinese laws and regulations and university rules) may result in a failure of CSC annual review. The monthly stipend for those who do not pass the annual review will be suspended until the next year’s Annual Review, during which students may switch to self-funded status, or apply for scholarship from CSC or other sponsors one week after the annual review result is published. Students expelled by CPU or do not pass the review for consecutively two years shall no longer apply for CSC scholarship.
Scholarship students shall ask CSC for the suspension of study, dropping out, transfer, extension of study period, change of major, or change of program (non-degree to degree) through their embassy/council in China. The university will process the status change only upon receiving the written notice from CSC.
The Language Center will apply each student for a HSK test in June, during the Spring Semester of Chinese Language Class. Degree students shall confirm with the International Office of their: supervisor, field of research, and year of graduation, by the end of Spring Semester.
For change of major, student must submit application in written to the International Office before the end of Spring Semester. If the university does not provide the program written on the Admission Notice or JW201/202 form, the university reserves the right to make adjustments according to the available programs/advisors.
Those who fail in final exams or miss exams due to suspension of school shall contact the Office of Teaching Affairs or Graduate School, pay make-up exam and tutor fees, and take the make-up test in the beginning of next semester, for a timely entry of score/course credit of the university’s online system.
Before leaving for own country due to family issues, sicknesses or other reasons, student shall contact the International Office and provide written notice from departments related (hospital, embassy/council, etc.), then the student status will be reserved for one year maximum, and CSC scholarship will be suspended during absence.
Students absent for more than 3 weeks without prior notice will be expelled, and an official letter will be sent to CSC, the embassy/consulate of the student’s country and Nanjing Public Security Bureau to cancel the student’s scholarship and Residence Permit of China.