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Garbage Classification Seminar Held on Nov 11,2020

A scientific seminar on waste generation, types and management conducted by the College of International Students of Southeast University and held on the 11th of November 2020. The seminar which aimed at educating the students on how to properly manage waste was hosted by Tauseef Ahmad (Ph.D in Public Health). In attendance were many students from various colleges who all listened with rapt attention as the resource personnel gave the lecture. The lecture was also broadcasted online through the Tencent meeting app and enabled lots of students who were abroad to participate in the seminar.

The seminar divided in two parts included “classifications of waste” and “Behaviors towards waste”. Basic terms relating to waste management were defined including; awareness, attitude, behavior, contamination, disinfection, disease, health etc.

Furthermore, the Resource person explained the difference between “waste and garbage” and went further to give statistics on the amount of globally generated waste annually, a staggering 2.01 billion tons. These statistics was displayed in a well designed power point presentation which the Researcher used during the seminar.

After stating the various types of waste there is, the Spokesperson gave a detailed explanation on how waste management can be carried out, this included the 4Rs;

It was stated clearly that our behavior towards waste is very important, just like our “ATTITUDE” towards anything in life is proportional to the result we get from it, we should all therefore strive to change our behaviors towards waste and its management.

At the end of the lecture, there was room for the participants to ask questions and so did the questions poured in both from those physically present and through the online platform. The Speaker did his best to tackle the questions and overall provided satisfactory answers. There were also gift items given to those who asked or answered questions during the course of the seminar.

At this point the seminar came to a close and was followed by pictures taken with the participants.