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Cultural Event Held in Jiangning District

Teachers and students from SEU participated in the Jiangning Style in ForeignersEyes event held on October 16th. After gathering with all foreigners and organizers, a day trip to four places in Jiangning started in the morning.



First, the team visited Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. 70 vehicles with beautiful structure and design are provided there within 24 hours. Students were impressed by the way they provided a complete vehicle through advanced machinery and testing within two days.


Then, the team went to Jiangning Hospital. The hospital provides complete services. With the help of robots, patients can easily make appointments to the relevant department they need and get prescribed drugs from the hospital pharmacy in less than 10 seconds. Moreover, patients can scan the QR code to obtain the complete information of each doctor's background. Jiangning hospital is also very helpful for all foreigners living in Nanjing because there are some foreign expert doctors. The well-equipped emergency department impressed us most: when the patient is still in ambulance, all records are transferred to the hospital, the ambulance enters the department directly, and stops in an amazing parking space, where patients can be quickly transferred. Hasan, a student who majors in medicine, said that this hospital makes things much easier for all patients compared to other hospitals which he has been in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan. Since he has  done with master degree in pediatrics, he spent many years as a doctor in different hospitals, but this hospital is beyond his imagination, and he was imagining himself one of the future hired doctors of this hospital.




After lunch break, the team moved to the Huanglongxian Tea Culture Village and enjoyed the taste of the tea planted there.



Finally, the team moved to Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone. This place makes the day more beautiful with its architectural art.



Students know more about Jiangning district through this event. They appreciate such a beautiful Jiangning and will share it with all other foreign friends.

Source: Southeast university