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The First Clinical Skills Competition

The Medical Students’ Clinical SkillsCompetition was held, for the first time for SEU's international students, on20 May, 2017. The competition took place in the Clinical skills lab in themedical school campus. The Dean of School of Medicine together with teachersfrom College of Int’l Students and doctors from three internship hospitalsgraced the occasion with their presence.

Fifteen students in five teams, fromthree hospitals, who are supposed to graduate this year (MBBS 2011), took partin the competition. The competition had two rounds. The top three teamsselected from the first round then moved to the second round which had threestations. The doctors graded the students’ performance and the audience wereeager to hear the result. The champion team was announced and certificates wereawarded to all the participants for their excellent performance.

The clinical skills competition wasorganized with the main objective of cultivating the students' love to learningand to help them apply their knowledge in an encouraging atmosphere.