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President's message

Founded in 1902, Nanjing University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in China. With the motto of  "Sincerity with Aspiration, Perseverance and Integrity," this university carries the spirit of constant striving for educational and academic excellence. In the past 105 years, Nanjing University has cultivated a great number of talents, contributing greatly to the national prosperity and the revitalization of the Chinese nation.
President of NJUThrough recent years` development, this century-old university has gained new and vital vigor while meeting unprecedented historical challenges and opportunities. Currently we have three campuses: Gulou in the city center, Pukou on the northern bank of the Yangtze River, and Xianlin International Campus in the east suburb of the city. As a key comprehensive university with an array of outstanding faculty members, it has enjoyed coordinated development in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences, life sciences, modern engineering and management and so on. In the meantime, it has continuously improved quality of teaching, research, social service and all other areas. According to different rankings and in terms of various indexes of academic strength and comprehensive academic performance, Nanjing University is always one of the leading universities in China.
In 1999 and 2006, Nanjing University was chosen in the first group of a limited number of high-level research universities for prioritized support by the Central Government of China under the "985 Project." Our mission is to build this university into a world renowned institution enjoying an international reputation and maintaining our own academic characteristics. We aim to be a cradle for preparing innovative talents for the future, a frontier for activities giving insight to the unknown world, seeking truth, providing scientific grounds for solving important problems encountered by humanity; we aim to be an important source of innovation and technology transfer and a bridge for cooperation and exchange between different cultures and civilizations. 
Nanjing University is fully aware of and ready to be entrusted with new missions and responsibilities in the 21st Century, a century of globalization. Committed to embracing this century of change, we sincerely welcome scholars and students from all around the world to join us in this worthwhile work for social and academic development.