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About NJU

Brief  Introduction

building in campusFounded in 1902,Nanjing University(NJU) is one of China`s key comprehensive universities under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. NJU consists of three beautiful campuses, Gulou, Pukou, and Xianlin. As a top university in China, it boasts advanced teaching and research facilities. Its current President is Dr. Chen Jun, a geochemist. Each year, the University celebrates its anniversary on May 20.

NJU has made remarkable achievements in student education. Its current student body totals around 43,477 (12,655 undergraduates, 11,030 graduates). NJU students have been demonstrating their cutting-edge competitiveness in various competitions inside and outside of China. In 1994 and 1995, the NJU debating team won the championship in both the national and international debating contests; in 1996 and 2005, two championships were won in the International English Speech Contest in Britain. Students, when graduating from NJU, enjoy a wide popularity in the job market for their solid academic foundations and strong potentials for future development. In academics, NJU graduates have also achieved great success. So far, seven alumni were granted the US President`s Award, and some scientific findings were named after the individuals who once studied or worked at NJU (e.g., “Zhou-Gong: Distributing Mutual-Changes Theory,” “Wu: Solidarity Theory,” etc.). In 1999, NJU was the first comprehensive university whose undergraduate education was appraised by the Ministry of Education as excellent.library

NJU provides good facilities for both teaching and research work. Its library, one of the largest of its kind in China, has a collection of over 4.654 million volumes. On campus, there are 127 institutes, 98 interdisciplinary research centers, and many other teaching and researching facilities such as the Analysis Center, the Network and Information Center, and the Educational Technology Center.

In addition to the excellence in teaching and research work, NJU is also known for its vigorous exchanges with the outside world. Starting from 1979, it has established academic links with more than 200 universities and research institutes in around 70 countries, and hosted over 120 international conferences. Nearly 2,500 faculty members have been abroad to pursue higher degrees or conduct research work, while over 1,800 international scholars have taught or lectured and more than 18,000 international students studied on NJU campus. Nobel Prize laureates such as Chen Ning Yang, Tsung Dao Lee, Chao Chung Ting, Ilya Prigogine, Sheldon Glashow, and Robert Mandel have been conferred Honorary Doctorates or Honorary Professorship, and large numbers of world famous statesmen, scientists, and social activists (e.g., former US President George Bush, former French President Francois Mitterrant, former Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawk, etc.) have visited here. NJU never ceased its efforts to explore possible modes of cooperation and to learn from international experiences in teaching, researching and management. Such efforts resulted in the founding of the Center for Chinese and American Studies (with the Johns Hopkins University, US), the Sino-German Institute for Law Studies (with Gottingen University, Germany), and the Lab of Multi-Media Distance Teaching System (with the Japanese Ministry of Tele-Communication). Regarded as "an overseas campus on the Chinese land," the Center for Chinese and American Studies has become a successful example of educational cooperation between China and the United States, and received much attention and acclamation from governments of both countries.

In May 2002, NJU celebrated its 100th anniversary and successfully organized the Centennial Ceremony, the World Famous Scientists` Forum, and Dialogue with Masters attended by more than 25,000 alumni, together with guests from home and abroad (including 6 Nobel Prize laureates, over 120 academicians and around 100 university presidents). Seven alumni were awarded the Centennial Achievement Gold Medal. Donation from the alumni and other sources amounted to RMB139 million.