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Harbin Medical University delegation attend the Forum on New Trends in Medical Education

Forum on New Trends in Medical Education was held in Beijing. It was jointly hosted by the Association of Medical Universities and Colleges of China (AMUCC), the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) and Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC). Thirteen HMU delegates, led by Professor Jiang Hongchi, Chairman of Academic Committee, attended the forum.

The forum was a high-level international meeting for medical education. Fourteen well-known medical educationists presented a full picture of the current trends in global medical education. The speakers were from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Portugal, Australia, Jordan, Argentina, and Thailand.

Professor Laurie Geffen, who led the WFME team last year to conduct a Pilot Accreditation of Basic Medical Education at HMU Referenced according to WFME Global Standards, gave a presentation on “Experiences of the Harbin Medical University Teams of WFME Assessors”. He gave a full account of the findings during the Pilot Accreditation. The audiences from home and abroad got a better understanding of HMU.

At the forum, the HMU participants actively asked questions in English. More medical educationists from different countries began to know about HMU, which would have a far-reaching international significance to the University.