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Knowledge collision, talent show - remember "Chinese bridge" activity

At 7.30pm on May 20, 2018, the "Chinese bridge" competition was successfully held on the second floor of rabama under the organization of the members of the international students' union of the college of international studies.
With the development of science and technology, the progress of The Times and the gradual improvement of the internationalization of ningbo university, more and more international students have come to ningbo university as a family. In order to shorten the distance between China and foreign students, the annual "Chinese bridge" activity is expected to allow more students to learn Chinese and experience China.
The activity is rich in content, with knowledge contest, talent show and lucky draw. In the knowledge contest, the contestants focus on the questions and answer each question with full spirit and enthusiasm. At the same time, the atmosphere was warm, and the audience cheered and clapped for the contestants. At the end of the first round of the knowledge contest, some contestants brought wonderful talent shows. Both the players and the audience can immerse themselves in this beautiful little world and feel the charm of Chinese. At the end of the first round and the second round of the competition, the host brought an interactive lucky draw, which enabled the audience to participate in the activity.

Finally, the organizers according to points out the top three, "Chinese bridge", the first chao-yang he is from Japan, the second is from Malawi's praise, the third is the little rain Sudan. While the three contestants won the exquisite prizes, mawada won the talent award and corresponding prizes by secret ballot. Each contestant received a small gift from the organizer.