School of International Education

The School of International Education is the educational organization of ZUST responsible for international student recruitment, management and Chinese language teaching. It consists of International Student Recruitment Office and Chinese Language Teaching and Research Office. Presently there are more than 200 international students from 30 countries studying on the campus.

The School of International Education offers short and long term Chinese language and culture courses along with a bachelor’s degree program: Chinese Language and Literature (Business Chinese). The school also offers a variety of Chinese culture courses for group study such as Chinese, Tai Chi, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, ceramics, Chinese tea and Chinese cuisine.

The School of International Education helps organize and encourages students to participate in the HSK every year, with the majority of students achieving good results. The School of International Education also receives inter-school exchange students as well as interns from partner schools in Germany and other countries for study.

The School of International Education offers dormitory rooms exclusively for foreign students. There are all basic amenities in apartment, plus modern amenities such as an LCD TV, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, and a water heater. In addition, the dormitory has a public kitchen, a public laundry room and a public study room.

In order to encourage outstanding foreign students to study at our school, the School of International Education has set up many scholarships. These include the Outstanding Freshmen Scholarship, Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship, Scholarship for Outstanding Chinese Language Advanced Students, HSK Winner Scholarship, Scholarship for Diligent Study,  Scholarship for Social Service, Scholarship for Arts and Sports Activities, Scholarship for Arts and Sports Activities Participation, and Scholarship for Potential Talent for Foreign Students. The School of International Education is also the recipient unit of Confucius Institute Scholarship and Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship for International Students.
The School of International Education often organizes a variety of educational and extra-curricular activities. The school organizes an annual tea culture festival and tourist activites in Hangzhou such as bikes tour or visits to the Song Dynasty City. The school has also arranged previous trips such as a trip to the south Yangzi ancient town and the Hengdian Movie and Television City. The School of International Education especially encourages foreign students to  participate in various literature and art performances, Chinese speech contest , sports competitions and to attend the Welcome Party, the New Year and Spring Festival Party and other festival activities.

We openly welcome friends from all over the world!