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Hangzhou area alumni representative New Year in discussion

Hangzhou area representative forum in New Year alumni in hangzhou hang seng electronic Co., LTD held, deputy party secretary of ChenGenFang to attend the meeting, in hangzhou alumni association director and alumni, representatives of the school student affairs chief, alumni do to attend the meeting.

ChenGenFang alumni to my good wishes for the New Year, and report it to the school development.

The 83 alumni, hang seng electronic Co., LTD ZhouFeng secretary of the party committee to participants introduced the enterprise and the school talent cooperation; The hang seng electronic project manager of 2001 LiMingSong alumni, combined with own experience about the work experience. He said, the school application talents, and that he during school practice ability of exercise for, for the enterprises to develop good job laid a good foundation. The 2000 alumni, hangzhou micro loose environmental science and technology Co., LTD ZhangSongTao share with the teaching and scientific research cooperation, Alma mater to construct the laboratory results.

Alumni in the employment of college graduates are present situation, to put forward some Suggestions on college students for their career planning well, define their future direction is the first step; Once in a post, will be to make this work, must not frequent change jobs; University in addition to learn knowledge besides, more is know communicating standards, in order to adapt to the society.